Which state is tennis most popular?

Published: Fri 29 April 2022
Updated: Fri 29 April 2022
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More than 16% of global searches for “tennis” come from the United States. Within the US, most interest in tennis is shown in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington DC & Florida.

Is tennis popular in USA?

Tennis is the perfect social-distancing sport—and the numbers continue to prove it. Tennis participation in the U.S. increased by 22% in 2020, with 21.64 million people hitting the courts, according to recent data from the Physical Activity Council's Participation (PAC) report produced by Sports Marketing Surveys.

Is tennis popular in Australia?

Sports in general are loved in Australia, and tennis is no different than any other sport both in participation and as a spectator sport. It does really help the growth of tennis in Australia that the country hold one of the four most prestigious tournaments in the world.

Is tennis popular in Italy?

Tennis has a significant following near courts and by television. Italian professional tennis players are always in the top 100 world's ranking of male and female players. Beach tennis with paddle racquet was invented by Italians, and is practiced by many people across the country.

Is tennis popular in South Korea?

Table tennis. Table tennis is popular in South Korea. There are minor leagues in many universities.

Is golf or tennis more popular?

In terms of popularity it is hard to split the pair, with more people playing golf in the USA and more people playing Tennis worldwide.

Is tennis popular in China?

Tennis in China is a rapidly growing sport that has received much private and public support, and has today become firmly entrenched in the Chinese as one of the most popular. Tennis is now the third-most popular sport on television in China, behind Association football and basketball.

Is tennis popular in Africa?

Despite this, tennis as a sport and a form of entertainment has often been seen across Africa as something of a white-man's endeavour. The sport itself is an expensive pastime, with the amount that is spent on equipment and training huge in comparison to team sports like football and hockey.